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Shandong Hai Sheng shipping Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise with advanced technology, locating in the beautiful and richly endowed port city —Longkou City. Open coastal city of Weihai lies to its east, international kite city of Weifang lies to its west, China's "sailing city of Qingdao lies to its south. The Bohai Sea situates the north .Besides, Tianjin and Dalian could be seen across the sea. It is the superior geographical position that contributes to the convenient traffic.

Shandong Hai Sheng shipping Co., Ltd is committed to research and development, design, production, sales and service of aluminum alloy ship, which is the newly emerged domestic supplier for yacht, official boat, guard ship ,fishing boat and passenger ship etc. Meanwhile, the corporation also engages in the business for lease of yacht and cruise, maintenance and other business .

The company has independent research and development team. Besides, our company cooperates with yacht design company in Australia, Europe and other area successively for a long-term, stable relationship in the pursuit of high-quality products and satisfy the customers with all-round, personalized requirements . We adopt advanced design concept and productiontechnology at home and abroad. Furthermore, we have jointly developed a large variety of ships, boats and yachts with multi-purpose and high-grade by using raw material of production unit which is recognized by China Classification Society .The types of ships and yacht with different purposes include: fishing boat with 3.4 meters, 4.4 meters, 5.3meters, 5.5 meters, 6.5 meters, 7.5 meters, 8.9 meters, 9.5meters, catamaran tourist boat with 7.5 meters, luxury yacht with 13 meters and 15 meters and ship house with 18 meters. The company has perfect procurement and sales network and has brought together a large number of experienced and responsible professionals so that it can provide the latest, fastest and superior products and services for customers at home and abroad. The products have already sold across the country and successfully enter the international market even exported to Australia, Europe, Italy, Britain, France and other countries and regions.

Corporate Culture: good corporate culture is inexhaustible motive force and soul for sustainable , healthy and stable development of modern enterprise.  Our  company has been pursuing cultural concept of "harmony, dedication, innovation ,excellence" .The “Eight-character principle” not only effectively promotes the company's development and lays a solid foundation for corporate culture ,but  also enhances the company's overall image. 

Corporate Image: The corporation is committed to nurturing the company's internal quality and external image, establishing various types of job specifications, job responsibilities and ethical codes of conduct for the purpose of summarizing operation experience of enterprises systematically. The corporation has gradually form a good concept such as "responsibility, honesty, cooperation, service and efficiency" through innovative activity, professional ethics construction with health and elegancy, endeavor and optimism so that it can adapt to higher, stronger and greater development of the company and manifest unique enterprise feature.

Business Policy and Strategy: The company will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “openness basing on sincerity, credibility first, quality is the soul, courteous service”. Moreover, the company constantly develops competitive products and becomes bigger and stronger to build up first-class enterprises and create international brands.

Enterprise Tenet: The driving force of the enterprise is to adapt to the market requirement and constantly carry out innovation and development so that it can promote value , enhance benefits, create wealth, realize brilliance and sustainable development.


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